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Discovery Session for Therapeutic Boarding School Placement

A discovery session is a great option for parents considering placement in a therapeutic residential program or boarding school and have questions but are not ready to make any decisions or commitments.

What is a Discovery Session for Therapeutic Boarding School Placement?

This discovery session is your opportunity to discuss your child and what your family is experiencing now. You will have a chance to ask questions without judgment. 

In this session, we can  answer your questions about therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment for youth, wilderness programs, and the troubled teen programs available to your family.

The cost of the session is $395. 

At the end of the session, you will better understand:

  • The real benefits of therapeutic programs, residential treatment and programs for troubled teens.
  • The enrollment process, what to expect, and what to avoid.
  • What you can do now and what your options are for helping your adolescent child.

This session aims to help you understand all of your options, work through any doubts, and often formulate a plan on what to do next so you can make an informed decision about your child’s future.

If you have already decided to send your teenager to program, you can schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your options. 

Specifically, what answers and information will I get?

In over 20 years working with parents of struggling teens, I’ve learned that every situation is unique because each family is different. I’ve heard it all; the questions most parents frequently ask are listed here.  If you are also asking yourself some or all of these questions, you will benefit from scheduling a complimentary session to discuss your situation.  

  • How to select a “good” program for their child?
  • How do I know if this is the right program?
  • When choosing a program or vetting a program, what questions should you ask?
  • Questions and learn the facts about the troubled teen industry.
  • What are the options for short term programs vs. long term programs?
  • Discuss specific options available for your child’s specific situation and get personalized recommendations on what to do next.
  • Understand if a wilderness program and other types of therapy are right for your teen.
  • The websites look great, but they all same similar things. How to discern between propaganda, marketing, and reality?
  • Based on your child’s specific needs, what should you expect to pay for a therapeutic residential program?
  • How much of your struggling teen’s therapeutic treatment is covered by health insurance?
  • How do people afford to pay for these programs? What are the financial options?
  • How to get recommendations from other parents whose children have completed a program?
  • Interventions and crisis management questions.
  • What documents do you need for enrollment and travel?
  • What are the transportation choices, especially when your child will not agree voluntarily to go to a program?
  • What transportation agencies are most reputable or have high success rates?
  • What do I do next?


Learn how to communicate with the program directors and the admission counselors.

The industry has its jargon, what you should say, and what you should avoid.

Often, applications are rejected by programs because of what a parent said during an intake interview or how they answered a question on the application and not because their child is not a good fit.

Other services and support available for parents of a struggling teen. Not every family is ready or needs a therapeutic residential program, understand all of your options.

If you’ve been searching online, you most likely have read many posts and articles for and against teen residential programs for troubled teens. This information is often confusing and overwhelming.

As an experienced industry expert and independent educational consultant, I  will help you decipher truth from fiction.

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Disclaimers and Warranties:

  • The consultation can take up to two-hours.
  • Appointments cancelled within 24-hours of the scheduled time will be charged $100 cancelation fee.
  • You can reschedule your appointment using our scheduling system at any time.
  • The cost of the session is non-refundable.


 I look forward to meeting you very soon! Remember that while things make look bleak today, you do not have to go through this alone, and it does get better!

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