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Parent Coaching for Parents of Struggling Teens

Connect and Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Struggling Teen

Personalized Support to Help Your At Risk Teen Get Back on Track

Parenting a struggling teenager is challenging and takes its toll on the entire family and all relationships. Parent Coaching helps guide you, supports you, and helps you gain the clarity to make difficult decisions that impact your child’s future. Parent Coaching sessions benefit your entire family, not just the “troubled teen.”

I promise you that by the end of the first session, you will feel better about what’s happening with your teenage child. You will have a better idea of what you need to do and how to do it to improve your relationship with your teenager. 

You will wonder why you waited!

I know parenting a teenager that is struggling with adolescence it’s hard. I’ve been there, and I’ve helped many parents like you get a new perspective and take action to help their teens. You do not need to go through this alone!

Who Benefits from Parent Coaching

Why Should You Work With Me

I help you bridge the gap from your current relationship with your teenager to the relationship you want. Parent coaching offers you new parenting skills, the opportunity for self-discovery, and a way to have a connected and positive relationship with your teenager. 

Coaching is empowering and result-oriented process that focuses on the now.  How and what to do next instead of why you are here.  

Parent Coaching Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching Package Descriptions

How Parent Coaching Works


A complete family assessment to understand your family strengths, weaknesses, challenges and successes.

Scheduling and Communications

Appointments schedule depends on your situation. We meet by telephone or video conference and communicate via email.


Helps you deal with "Now." Perfect for parents dealing with a teen in crisis or if you are struggling with difficult decisions.

Assignments and Accountability

In between sessions, you will get some assignments intended to help you gain insights and support the work we do in our parent coaching session. If you need help with accountability, I will help you without judgment.

Quick Check As-Needed

The work we do together is essential. Often our best intentions or plans are impacted by day-to-day life. I offer quick check-ins to keep you motivated in your journey when you need additional support.

Parent Coaching for Parents of Out of Control Teens

Parents in Crisis

This is our starting point, we complete a family assessment to understand where your family is right now. Your strengths and weaknesses, your challenges and successes.

Connected Parenting

For parents whose teenager is making poor choices, entitled, rejecting boundaries, angry and rebellious. We will focus communication styles and expectations.

Parenting Support

Do you know what your child needs? Work through the guilt, shame, and codependency. Learn how to apply new parenting skills to change your relationship.

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