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Realizing I could no longer handle my son’s struggles with mental health issues and substance abuse in an outpatient context was the most painful experience I’ve ever faced. Residential treatment was the next obvious step, but I didn’t know where to even begin.

I was juggling parental guilt and intense fear about my son’s future when I called Mary Warren. Within thirty minutes, she returned my call, and from our first conversation, I knew she was the support I needed.Mary listened without impatience or judgment. She answered all my questions and more that I didn’t even realize I should ask. She held my hand through selecting a program, completing an application, communicating with various contacts at the programs, and transporting my son to his program.

After he was enrolled, she stayed in touch with me and his program and was already in the loop when we decided to make a change.Mary wears multiple hats: She is a parent advocate and coach, an educational consultant, and a parent who has been there and understands. She has a vast knowledge of programs and schools. She is honest and transparent. Mary is agile, calm, and organized. She keeps things moving, ensures I don’t forget anything, and does it all with tremendous patience and kindness.This has been a difficult journey for my family. Mary Warren has been a valuable guide, pointing the way and clearing the path so my son can get the healing he needs.

Marta Martinez


The beginning of 2017 was a tough year for our family, especially for my daughter. She was sad all the time and didn’t know how to love herself again. I started looking for answers for what was the best help for her and it was very difficult to find someone to trust. I run into the Empower my Teen website and that is how I found Mary Warren.

I first contacted Mary in March 2017 when I was feeling lost and desperate, not knowing what was the best decision to make regarding my daughter.
I knew there had to be drastic changes to save her life but I didn’t know what to do or who to trust. It was not until 3 months later that I finally made the decision along with my daughter that it was best to be at a therapeutical boarding school and completely away from the environment she was in at that moment. It was the toughest decision to make, I could not imagine not having her at home with us, but it was either having her far away or not having her at all, and all I wanted was to have my daughter back full of life and love for herself and for the family. We left her at the school a week before her 14th birthday, at that moment I just knew it was urgent to start her in the program as soon as possible. 9 months later I got my daughter back and all my prayers were answered. She has been the most loving girl ever since she came back home. She is full of life and the house is full of laughter when she is home. She has so many awesome plans for the future.

I will forever be grateful that I found Mary to guide me. I had to trust that the school she recommended was the best option and yes it was! The therapy and help my daughter found at that school were amazing.



After in and out of hospitals and three short term residentials, when our daughter tried to overdose with the over-the-counter medication, we knew that she needed long-term treatment. But where? We were overwhelmed with all the wonderful websites of all the long-term RTC around the nation. We started looking for an EC. We interviewed 2 ECs before we came across Empower My Teen. Mary Warren has experience and knowledge in this field and is empathetic without judgment for what our family has been through. She is a great parent coach. She works tirelessly on our behalf. We are so grateful that we have Mary with us on this journey. Although we hope that no parents or family has to go through what we are going through, if any of our friends, family, or relatives needs an EC, we will not hesitate to recommend Mary Warren.

We came to realize it was worth losing our son for a year vs. losing him forever. – Amy



2018 is a year that I will prefer not to remember. My teenage daughter started to “go off” the rails, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless and that I was looking into a black abyss. By chance, I found Mary Warren’s site when I was googling troubled teens. Mary’s home page instantly spoke to me, as the symptoms she described, I could relate to them, and think, gosh, this is what I am experiencing with my daughter. For the first time, there was a blink of hope in a very dark place. I called Mary, left a voicemail, and she got back to me in half an hour. She spent a lot of time with me and described the options available to my daughter. Mary guided me through the process and made me think about things that I never had to think of before…Without Mary, I would not have been able to get through this process. She is a pro! She knows the drill because she had to send two of her children to similar kinds of schools. I would recommend her!

She knows the drill because she had to send two of her children to similar kinds of schools. I would recommend her!


Bily Support Group Volunteer

I have observed Mary’s professional journey for about five years through personal interactions with her and through the eyes of parents that have been enriched with her in-depth expertise along with other specialized agents assisting parents with the challenges of children in distress.

Simply expressed, Mary is a gentle, yet enthusiastic, individual that speaks elegantly from the heart, delivering her messages in a truthful and respectful fashion while being empathetic and compassionate.

Mary offers an abundance of her time, efforts, and knowledge to those who are in need of her assistance. As a strong and direct communicator, Mary knows it is important to also be a good listener—open and approachable.

She is polite and courteous while maintaining a strong perspective of reality. She knows how to build positive and supportive relationships with others, which enables her to be successful in difficult family situations.

There are not many people that fall into this category. In summary, Mary has displayed passion in helping parents through the stressful moments of parenting children in distress by offering many useful services; ranging from consulting, placement services, and development of a custom family plans.

I attribute Mary’s successful outcomes to her abilities to strategically plan, execute with precision, and working closely with her clients and affiliate agents.


ICF Master Certified Coach

Over the many years I’ve known Mary, her passionate commitment to guiding families in crisis has been the lifeline that has made a difference for many.

Having met the challenge with troubled teens of her own, Mary brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and resources to heartbroken parents desperately trying to save their children from self-destruction.

Coupled with a huge and caring heart, you’ll find no more powerful or capable partner than Mary Warren.


We consider Mary to be an angel in our long journey! I first found out about her while attending a support group for troubled teens.

Many families kept talking about this women named Mary, who had helped them place their teen at varying boarding schools. They would rave about the support they received from her and how grateful they were to have someone who like her. As time went on with our daughter and things were escalating to the point where we needed more help, I reached out to Mary who I had heard so much about.

From the very first interaction, Mary was kind, informative, and reassuring. She never pressured us to make a quick decision, in fact, she gave us great advice that we were making a big decision and that we needed to both (as parents) be on the same page. For various reasons, we didn’t send our daughter to a boarding school right away after contacting Mary. I would call Mary every few months though and she would just listen and give me her suggestions but then tell me she was there if I needed her. We tried everything but it came to the point (almost 2 years later) where we couldn’t give our daughter the help she needed and we needed to find her a place immediately. Mary was on it! She gave us several options that fit our daughters needs and then helped us narrow those down.

Even after our daughter was placed, Mary continued to follow along her journey, help us with all the questions that arise, and showed her support the entire time! There’s a reason Mary is known as the best in the industry, because she is! Coming from someone who has gone through the entire cycle with her, I consider her an instrumental part that made it all possible!! Our daughter has successfully graduated her program, is home, and thriving! We love Mary for helping save our family.


Thankful Mom

Mary helped us during a time when our son was beyond control. We felt lost and overwhelmed, and Mary was a strong, steady voice guiding us through a dark time.

She found us placement in a program that turned around our son’s life in a hugely positive way and saved our family.

She has walked the path herself, so she comes from a place of understanding and true heart.

I can’t imagine how hard it would have been without her. I highly recommend her for her compassion, experience, and knowledge.


I will forever be grateful that I found Mary to guide me. I had to trust that the school she recommended was the best option and yes it was! The therapy and help my daughter found at that school were amazing.

Kevin and Brenda M

I was searching for answers and I found one at Empower My Teen with Mary Warren. She took the time to listen and understood not only what our family was going through but offered the assistance to help put my family back together.

Name Withheld, Blessed Parents

We feel blessed having stumbled across Mary at Empower My Teen. She jumped in right away with genuine concern. Delivered us a perspective on what the core problem and opportunity was for our daughter…  Mary helped organize the entire intervention, transport and placement effort. More than that, Mary didn’t cut and run. She is a special person and a true partner. Thanks again Mary!

Debbie, Mom

Mary made it possible to win the fight to save our son! Mary has a gift for listening, connecting to people, speaking the truth in a firm but kind manner, and making everyone in the process feel comforted, feel they are being heard; she listens to concerns and fears, and somehow she manages all the intense emotions that can be present when your child is in crisis. I STRONGLY urge you to let Mary guide you!


Mary has been in my life since January 2020. When I felt helpless and was in a dark place she gave me hope. She helped place my son in the RTC.

Within 3 weeks after our first consultation I got a call my son was in TBS. She gave us options for placement and guided us in picking the right one.

She connected with the program staff weekly and provided updates on the progress my child was making while at RTC.

My son has been home from treatment for 5 months now and she is still available to take my calls when I need someone to tell me that things are not falling apart and that whatever is going on is normal with my kiddo. Listening to her perspective always gives me a sense of relief. I am planning to have her as my parent coach moving forward.

Mary is great and I highly recommend her.


Mary’s expertise as a parenting coach, and experience with the many alternative school options, was critical for me at a time when I felt that “the bottom had dropped out.”

I was at an all-time low point, feeling as if no one would be able to help my son. Mary not only provided much needed emotional support and guidance; normalizing my experience, and providing assurance that I was not alone, and that there were alternatives, but also provided the time and direction I needed to navigate the various options. 

I would very highly, and with zero reservations, recommend Mary as an educational consultant. I only wish I had found her sooner

Monica & Blake

Mary has been a critical and irreplaceable member of our support team as our son has gone through residential treatment and returned home. Working with challenging parameters, she found an exceptional therapeutic boarding school that was a great fit for our son where he made significant improvements in his areas of greatest need. She met with us and with staff regularly and was consistently available when we had questions or concerns regarding the school, planning for home visits, and our coming-home plan. Now that our son is home, we are continuing to receive invaluable support. Mary has a wealth of experience to offer us as a parent coach. She talks us off the ledge whenever necessary, and she offers us a balanced and kind perspective. We couldn’t have traveled this journey without her. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

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