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No Regrets! Our Teenage Son Was In Crisis

Our Son Is Thankful We Sent Him To Therapeutic School

We were introduced to Mary when our oldest son (my step-son) was in crisis!  He needed help and we were struggling with his biological mother as to what the best course of action would be.  She wanted to let him ‘fix himself’ and we wanted to send him where he could get help at a school specifically designed to meet his needs.

Mary was truly an ANGEL sent to us.  She was able to assess the needs of our son, direct us to a wonderful school, and even provide mediation between us and the biological mother.  The happy conclusion to our story is that our son finished high school a strong, happy, healthy successful young man.

MANY times he has looked me in the eye and said:

“Sending me to that school was the BEST decision you ever made for me.  Even though I hated you for it at the time, I love you for being strong enough to FIGHT for me.  You saved me.”

Mary made it possible to win the fight to save our son!

Mary has a gift for listening, connecting to people, speaking the truth in a firm but kind manner, and making everyone in the process feel comforted, feel they are being heard; she listens to concerns and fears, and somehow she manages all the intense emotions that can be present when your child is in crisis.

I STRONGLY urge you to let Mary guide you!  If your teen is in trouble, PLEASE don’t wait! Mary has years of experience, the knowledge, the compassion, the tenderness, the toughness, the strength and the wisdom to guide you to the best possible situation to help your child.

You will NEVER regret letting Mary into your life ~ and you may very well regret it if you don’t!


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