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Our Daughter’s Path Was Leading To Jail

Therapeutic Boarding School Kept our Daughter From going to Jail

Our daughter, 17, is an amazing, talented girl with a dynamic challenge before her that began unfolding 3-4 years ago. Her struggle is marked by a series of concussions, blows to her self-esteem, a growing drug dependence, ADHD and executive skills, social anxiety, defiance and dangerous behaviors at home and school, and, well, just being a teen in this day in age.



Our Daughter Needed A Stronger Intervention


She comes from a divorced family with both sides incredibly loving, supportive, and engaged in the process. After bringing every form of parental wisdom, encouragement, consequences, and community support, we knew. We became fearful her path was leading to jail, overdose or worse. While scary it brought clarity – her life called for a stronger intervention and a therapeutic residential program.

Something that would separate her from her network long enough to go clean and challenge/inspire her to create a healthier path and prepare for adulthood. The challenge became sifting through our gut feelings, other’s advice and offerings if just to determine the next right move for our daughter?

We feel blessed having stumbled across Mary at Empower My Teen. She jumped in right away with genuine concern. Stepped back and looked objectively at the entire situation. Delivered us a perspective on the core problem and opportunity for our daughter’s own character, behaviors, goals, and family dynamic. 


Finding the Right Therapeutic  Boarding School 

hope to save our daughter from jail - Then without hesitation, recommended the therapeutic residential program to match. From here, Mary helped organize the entire intervention, transport, and therapeutic program placement effort. More than that, Mary didn’t cut and run. When our daughter tried running away the first week at the residential program, she was there offering wisdom (and calm!). When our insurance coverage was suddenly at risk, Mary was there helping devise a solution. When we have questions about the therapeutic boarding school program in action, she’s always there.

She is a special person and a true partner who continues to bring us the experience and vision needed to navigate this journey with our daughter.


Thanks again, Mary!

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