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Get the Right Treatment to Transform Your Struggling Teen's Life

We'll Guide You to the Best Therapeutic Treatment & Solutions for Your Family

Crisis Intervention: Get Your Teen the Help They Need

Urgent Help to Stop the Crisis: Wilderness Therapy Programs or Specialty Program

When your teen is in crisis, time is critical. Whether they are spinning out of control, depressed, harming themselves, anxious, acting out, or in need of a specialized intervention, we will guide you to immediate help. 

Find the Right Therapeutic Program to Help Your Teen Heal

Personalized Solutions: Find the Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools & Treatment Centers

Finding the perfect treatment program for your teen is overwhelming. Let us ease the stress and guide you to the best therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for your teen’s unique needs.

Empowering Parents: Build a Stronger Bond with Your Teen

Parent Coaching for Positive Change: Empower Yourself,
Empower Your Teen

Build a stronger, healthier relationship with your teen. With our parent coaching, you can get the tools for understanding, communication and lasting positive change. We can help you and your struggling teen.

Struggling Teen Treatment Consulting, Solutions & Placement

Mary Warren - Educational Consultant and Parenting Coach - Helping Parents of Struggling Teens
Mary Warren, Empower My Teen - Educational Consultant - At Risk Youth Program

Get Up to 3 At Risk Teen Residential Treatment Program Options for Your Struggling Teen

Are you a Do-It-Yourself parent? Would you rather manage the entire process on your own but would like some guidance and program recommendations?

If this sounds like you, I offer a one-time consultation to Get Up to Three Treatment Recommendations.

During this consultation, we discuss your child’s needs, history, and finances. I share industry insights, coaching to help you make the best decision for your teen, and an independent assessment.

After evaluating your situation and completing a full assessment, I will present you with up to three teen residential treatment programs or therapeutic boarding school options best suited for your child

I will present you with teen residential treatment programs or therapeutic boarding school options best suited for your child.

Step 1 – You Schedule and Pay for Your Consultation


You will be asked for your contact and payment information when you schedule your appointment. The Discovery consultation to get your assessment and program recommendations costs $3495. After receiving payment, you will receive an email with your receipt and a link to the Intake Assessment. 


Step 2 – Complete the Intake Assessment


This lengthy document provides us with the information we need to assess your situation, including family history, academic, and health information.  

Please make sure you submit your intake assessment at least 24-hours before your session. 


Step 3 – Attend Your Sessions!


The sessions last approximately 1.5 – 2.5 hours, depending on your specific situation.  

We will:

  • review the intake assessment you completed
  • discuss your child’s current issues
  • discuss the impact on the family
  • get a complete family history
  • review your child’s medical history and any pending or historical legal issues
  • we will review the academic record and much more.

Step 4 – Receive Your Recommendations


Based on the information you shared during your sessions, the paperwork submitted, and the complexity of your child’s issues, I will provide UP TO THREE PROGRAM RECOMMENDATIONS. These recommendations are carefully vetted and tailored to your child’s needs. 

Get Help! Struggling with a rebellious or depressed teen?

Not sure what is going on with your teenager?
Is your teen struggling with behavior or mental health issues?
Teenage depression is on the rise. Reports of teenagers struggling with depression are everywhere.
  • 49% of adolescents in America have at least one mental health disorder.
  • 44% of high school students report feeling sad or hopeless every day.


Adolescents today are under an immeasurable amount of stress and pressure. Due to social media, teenagers cannot tell what is real and are pushed to meet unrealistic expectations.

Your teen needs help today. As a parent, I understand you want to make the best decision for your struggling teenager.

When We Work Together

We will spend time understanding your teenager’s situation, strengths, weaknesses, and medical history. I will use this information to find the right treatment placement. I will make sure you have all the information you need so you can make an informed decision that is best for your child.
After the complimentary session, you will know what to do even if your teen is on the verge and has not yet spiraled out of control yet. When you hire me, I will help you know the warning signs understand the risks and know when you should intervene.

The Decision to Send Your Teen to a Therapeutic Program for Youths

Choosing to send your teen to a treatment program is the hardest decision a parent makes. Knowing which program is the right fit for your teen is not easy.

Does your child need a therapeutic boarding school, a wilderness therapy program, or a residential treatment program? The placement process is hard and confusing.

When your child is accepted into a treatment program, they get:
  • a life-changing break in a safe and caring therapeutic setting.
  • an opportunity to heal and develop a renewed sense of self.
  • the time and academic support to catch up with their school work.
  • a renewed sense of worth
  • a better understanding of who they are, and how to manage their mental health condition.
  • new life and coping skills and the know-how to make better choices
As an educational consultant, my job is:
  • to help you find the right placement for your child. I
  • educate, support, guide you and help you navigate the “troubled teen” industry.
My specialty is therapeutic consulting and I work with families of at risk teens or teens on the verge of becoming at risk. My commitment is to help you find the best fit therapeutic program for your teen.
My commitment is to help you and your family build a path toward a brighter, healthier, well-adjusted future.
You do not have to do this alone.

How Do You Choose the Best Therapeutic Program for Your Struggling Teen?

Facing the complicated reality of a teen in crisis is every parent’s worst nightmare. The dreams we hold for our children when they are babies and growing up never include the devastation of what can happen when they take a wrong turn down the dark road of low self-esteem, failing grades, and poor peer choices…among many other things.

The last thing we think about when our child is born is that someday we might be faced with the difficult decision of seeking help for a situation we can no longer handle.

Choosing the best possible at-risk therapeutic program for your teenager can be overwhelming.

As an educational consultant specializing in helping at-risk youth families, I am here to educate, support, and guide you through this challenging process.

I am committed to finding the best possible solution for your child and your family. You do not have to do this alone.

I invite you to review my services and consultation packages and choose one that best suits your specific situation.

If you are unsure what would be the best option right now, that’s okay. I know firsthand that one size doesn’t always fit all.

Go ahead, and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific situation.

Together, we can determine the next steps for your family.


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