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Are you struggling with your teen?

If you are considering a therapeutic program for your child. I can help you.  Click the “Schedule a Consultation” button above, or use the form on the right to send me a message with details about your teen. 

During our consultation, we will discuss the following:

  • The therapeutic boarding school enrollment process.
  • Wilderness therapy program available options for now or later? 
  • How can residential treatment centers help an at-risk youth struggling with mental health issues or a conduct disorder?
  • Your teen’s medical history and diagnosis
  • Academic options for struggling teens
  • Whether you need a crisis intervention or transportation services.
  • Enrollment cost and therapeutic program fees. 


If your teenage child is out of control, we can schedule an assessment to determine which program best fits your child’s specific situation.

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Contact Me to Discuss Therapeutic Treatment Options for Youth:

  • Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Wilderness Therapy Programs 
  • Residential Treatment for Struggling or At-Risk Teens

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