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Life-changing Programs for Troubled Teens

Help and Programs For Troubled Teenagers

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Exploring Solutions for Your Teen?

If your search led you here, you might have already considered short-term troubled teen programs like the alluring boot camps promising quick fixes in 30-90 days.

Whether you’re starting your search to prevent your child from spiraling out of control or your child has recently completed a short-term program of 3-5 days following a crisis, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

Yet, experience shows that such short-term solutions seldom address the root of behavioral challenges, such as defiance or anger, leaving many teens needing further support.

However, choosing the best-troubled teen program for your son or daughter is the most difficult decision you will ever face- a decision you never imagined you would have to make someday.

The Promise vs. Reality of Short-Term Programs

Despite promises, short-term programs often fall short of addressing deep-seated behavioral issues like defiance and anger. In fact, it’s rare to find a teen coming out of these programs who does not need long-term help.

You may be considering treatment options like:

  • Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Teen Residential Treatment Center
  • Wilderness therapeutic program
  • Specialty Boarding School


The Power of Comprehensive, Long-Term Solutions

Understanding the urgency and concern in finding the proper support for your teenager or young adult, it’s crucial to recognize the power of comprehensive, long-term solutions.

Unlike short-term fixes, which may offer immediate but fleeting relief, a longer-term approach addresses the root causes of behavioral challenges—transforming not just the present moment but your child’s entire trajectory.

Equipping Your Child for Success

Long-term programs, such as therapeutic boarding schools or specialized residential treatment, don’t just manage symptoms; they equip your child with the tools to navigate defiance, anger, and other challenges from a place of understanding and resilience.

The Components of Lasting Change

These programs foster profound and lasting change through:

  • Personalized therapy
  • Structured environments
  • Consistent support


They offer a roadmap to:

  • Emotional maturity
  • Improved relationships
  • Academic success


Ensuring that progress made is progress sustained.

Embracing a comprehensive solution is an investment in your child’s future happiness and potential. It’s a step toward healing not just for them but for your entire family.

As you consider the path forward, remember that the goal is not just to alter behavior temporarily but to unlock a future where your child can thrive, face challenges confidently, and achieve his or her full potential.

There are many options for parents today.

Let this be a moment of hope. Exploring these options signifies your commitment to providing the best possible support for your child—a journey that, while challenging, is filled with possibilities for growth and joy.

Seeking deeper, more meaningful parenting and mental health solutions can be the key to unlocking a brighter future for your child.

A Challenging Decision with a Brighter Outcome

Indeed, many parents never anticipate having to send their child away to a residential treatment program, and it can undoubtedly be a challenging and emotional decision to make.

When your teenager is struggling with behavioral or mental health issues: anger, defiance, recklessness, risky behaviors, conduct disorders, or struggles to make good choices, it’s essential to seek and find the right help and support.

1. Assess the Situation: Start by assessing the severity of your teenager’s issues. Are they dealing with mild behavioral problems or more severe mental health issues? Understanding the extent of the problem will help guide the decision.

2. Comprehensive Assessment: We consult with your treatment team, including mental health professionals, counselors, or therapists, to get insights into your teen’s needs.

3. Facilitating Research and Information Gathering: As mentioned earlier, there is abundant information online. When you work with Empower My Teen, you can access our insights and industry experience.

4. In-Depth Program Evaluation: We provide a comprehensive evaluation of potential programs. This includes:

  • Understanding Approaches and Success Rates: We thoroughly understand the approaches and success rates of residential treatment programs.
  • Engaging with Stakeholders: We engage with residents, parents, and staff to get their honest feedback about their experience in the program. We don’t rely on online reviews.
  • Established Relationships: We have established relationships with some of the top programs nationally and internationally.
  • On-Site Visits: We visit every program we recommend, ensuring that we know their environment, have met the staff, and have relationships with the Directors.
  • Connecting with Parents: We connect you with parents who have undergone similar situations to provide firsthand insights.
  • Quality Assurance: We only work with accredited and licensed programs, ensuring quality and adherence to standards.


5. Aftercare Planning: We help you plan for your teenager’s transition back to daily life and continue to support you with parent coaching during and long after the child completes the programs. We are invested in your family

Let’s be honest. No parent thinks they would eventually send their child away to an unknown environment for an extended time.  Most parents never imagined their child would become angry, defiant, reckless, irresponsible, or struggle to make good choices.

Consequently, when your teenager starts to make poor decisions, struggle with mental health or behavioral issues, or worse yet, spiral out of control.  You realize that you must act to help them before their actions have life-altering consequences.

This decision is stressful and often overwhelming.  There are many options and opinions online. But, ultimately, you will need to decide what will be best for your child.

The two question every parent in this situation asks themselves:


  • What can I do to help my “troubled teen”?
  • How will you know which residential treatment program is right for your son or daughter?


Right now, you have so many questions, and by now, you likely figured out that there’s a lot of information available online. Still, there are few answers to help you make the right choice for your family.

I invite you to scan this page. We’ve organized the information into categories to make it easier to find the answers you seek no matter where you are in this journey.

Does Your Teen Exhibit these Warning Signs?

I want to help families like yours find solutions so that your relationships can be whole and your family starts to heal.

Parenting Coach - Mary Warren, she's also an educational consultant and therapeutic consultant for parents of struggling teens.

Are you trying to find the best troubled teens program to help your at-risk or out-of-control teenager?

If your search led you here, you might have already considered the short-term troubled teen programs. 

Many websites promote boot camps and wilderness camp programs and promise that in 30-90 days, your teenager will be more peaceful and obedient.

Many programs offer to help your child overcome behavioral problems like defiance and anger.

Maybe you are considering a Therapeutic Boarding School, a Teen Residential Treatment Center, or a specialty boarding school.  There are many options for parents today.

However, choosing the best-troubled teen program for your son or daughter is a difficult decision. One you never imagined you would have to make someday.


I want to help families like yours find solutions so that your relationships can be whole and your family starts to heal.

Does Your Teen Exhibit these Warning Signs?

I'ts a Scary and frustrating time!

When your teenager is struggling to make good choices or going through a difficult time, it is normal to ask yourself:

  • Am I making it worse?
  • Will my teen outgrow this?
  • Why does my teen hate me?
  • How can I get my teen to care about his/her future?
  • How do I talk to my teenager?
  • Are these mood swings and depression normal for teens?

As a parent, do you feel like you should or need to have all the answers? This is not true!

I have personally struggled with two of my three teens and I know how hard it can be. You are not a failure for seeking outside help—you are doing what is best for your family.

You have seen signs that concern you and you have recognized the current journey has taken an unhealthy detour.  You are correct, you need to  a solution that restores the peace to your family and alleviates the burdens brought on when your child is wandering through a bad place in life.

Get Help Finding Life-changing Programs for Troubled Teens

  1. Should I choose a local treatment center?
  2. What’s the difference between a boot camp and a wilderness program?
  3. How effective are summer programs and boot camps?
  4. Will a summer program like a boot camp or outdoor therapy be enough?
  5. Should I send my adolescent child to a residential program in another state?
  6. How do I get my teenage son or daughter to agree to go to an out-of-state boarding school?
  7. Will my child be able to check himself in or out at will?
  8. What safeguards are in place to stop my teenager from running away?
  9. Should I choose a Christian boarding school?
  10. Does my child need a stronger academic program?
  11. What therapeutic programs are offered by the boarding schools?
  12. What’s the difference between a troubled teen boarding school and a residential therapeutic boarding school?
  13. Are these teen programs personalized for specific conditions or behavioral problems?
  14. What if my teenager is diagnosed with a specific behavioral problem like ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD?
  15. Is boarding school the right choice for my son or daughter?
  16. Are there local school options that offer a structured personalized therapeutic approach for teen defiance and bad behavior?
  17. Why can’t I find a therapeutic boarding school in my state?
  18. Will an intervention be effective?
  19. How do we rebuild our family and the trust we’ve lost?


The best way to get the right answer for your specific situation is to schedule a one-time, no obligation consultation with an admissions counselor for every program you are considering or you can work with an independent educational consultant that has relationships with many programs and experience working with parents and their teens.

Transforming Teen Lives for Over 20 Years

Experience You Can Trust:

  • Assisted thousands of families in finding the right placement for their teens in residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy programs and other specialized programs.
  • Two decades of experience navigating the complexities of teen treatment options.


Personalized Program Matching:

  • In-depth assessment to find programs effective for specific behavioral problems and challenges.
  • Understanding that one size does not fit all—tailoring choices to each family’s unique needs.


Why Work With an Educational Consultant?

  • Avoid Trial and Error: Navigate the selection process more efficiently, avoiding the pitfalls of going it alone.
  • Exclusive Insights: Leverage my relationships with programs across the US and internationally for inside knowledge on program effectiveness, structure, and management.
  • Specialized Support: From arranging transportation for challenging cases to offering parent coaching, get the comprehensive support you need.


Make Informed Decisions: Just as you consult experts when making other major life decisions (buying a home, making investments, travel planning),  benefit from professional guidance in choosing a therapeutic program for your teen. Mary is more than an Educational Consultant or Therapeutic Consultant. She acts as your coach, partner, and guide through the entire journey.

Ready to Find the Best Fit for Your Teen? Contact me today and start the journey towards finding the optimal solution for your family’s needs.


Streamlined Consultation and Support Process:
  1. Initial Consultation: We’ll begin with a phone call to understand your family’s unique needs.
  2. Financial and Program Assessment: Next, we’ll explore your financial options and identify the most suitable therapeutic programs, including:
    • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
    • Residential Treatment Centers
    • Wilderness Programs
    • Specialty Boarding Schools
  3. Enrollment and Ongoing Support: I’ll guide you through the enrollment process and provide continuous coaching and support. Together, we’ll find the right program that empowers your teen to achieve their full potential and foster lasting positive change.

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