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Mary warren

Independent Educational Consultant and Parenting Coach

Over 20 years ago, I enrolled two of my teenagers in therapeutic boarding schools.  I  personally witnessed the positive transformation of my own children and I have had a fervent desire ever since to help other families with challenging and troubled teens get the help and support they desperately need.

Mary Warren, Independent Educational Consultant, Parenting Coach, Founder and CEO of Empower My Teen
Mary with her adult children, showcasing close bond.

My Story

Twenty years ago, I was thriving in a successful career as a senior manager with a financial services company. I worked hard and did my best to provide a strong, values-based home for my family.

Everything seemed to be going well when my oldest daughter began struggling to find her place in life. She started making poor choices in friends, becoming defiant, failing in school, disrespecting authority, and shutting down emotionally. I was scared and could feel her dark direction, and I had no idea what to do.

I became committed to finding help for my daughter in whatever way I could. I tried so many things. I started with family therapy. I sought spiritual support. I looked into changing schools and found a new therapist. We tried negotiating and renegotiating agreements within the home.

I finally had to realize that NOTHING was working for our family, and in fact, my daughter was out of control, meaning that things were getting much worse. I was getting desperate. While sitting at our doctor’s office one day, I noticed an ad in the back of Sunset magazine for Therapeutic Boarding Schools. It was a tiny ad, but it spoke very loudly to me. I had a glimmer of hope that this could be my answer.

Navigating Therapeutic Boarding Schools: My Personal Odyssey Before Becoming an Independent Educational Consultant and Parenting Coach

After many agonizing and emotional phone calls with the school staff and the intervention team, I made the heartbreaking decision to enroll my daughter in a therapeutic boarding school. I found the right school that was a good fit for our situation.  

Deciding to send my daughter away to a therapeutic teen program was by far the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. I was sick with grief and fear, but deep inside, I knew this was the best way to save my daughter from her self-destructive behavior.

A few months into her therapeutic program, I faced the same decision for my son. He was making the same poor choices as his sister; unhealthy friends, failing grades, defiant, angry, zero respect, smoking weed, etc. This time I did not waste any time. I knew what I had to do. I made the same decision for him and enrolled my son in a therapeutic boarding school. 

This time, I called the therapeutic program and set up the intervention. Within two days, my son was on his way to a residential therapeutic program. 

Sending my son away to a program broke my heart into a thousand pieces again, but I knew this was the right decision to save him as well. It was different then, schools were far away, and family visits were rare. I invested every dollar I had into these programs, and traveling was not an option. I desperately waited for their letters and phone calls.  

Eventually, I began to see a change in both of them. My teenage children became open and honest in their letters to me. They became accountable for their past bad behavior and expressed gratitude for my decision to send them away. My kids were finally getting the help they needed in a very profound and powerful way. They were healing.

My Son and Daughter’s Out of Control Behaviors and Rebellion Were a Family Challenge: Facing Every Parent's Worse Fears

I clearly understood that my teenage son and daughter’s issues were a family challenge. To heal fully, we needed to do this together. I worked on myself as they worked on themselves…

As a single parent, sending my children away to therapeutic boarding school was not easy. I had the same fears and concerns as many of my clients today.

• How am I going to pay for it?
• Is this the right decision? The right program?
• Will she hate me forever?
• How will I get her to go?
• Am I a bad mom?
• How will it affect my other child?

I knew I had to make this difficult decision and show my children the leadership and courage to save their lives.

Ultimately, sending my son and daughter to residential therapy programs fostered the growth, learning, and reunification back to a whole and healthy family. My life is full of love, respect, self-worth, goals, humor, and continued growth. I am so proud of the work my family has done…life is never perfect…but now it is healthy and whole.  I am forever grateful for the whole (difficult) experience because it has brought us to where we are now…

My Consulting Philosophy and Approach

As a dedicated independent educational consultant and parenting coach, I’ve made it my mission to advocate for families, committed to creating peace, balance, healthy teen development,  and a loving home and nurturing environment for teens. 

I transitioned from a successful corporate role as a senior manager with a financial services company, to become an independent educational consultant, fully immersing myself in supporting families and their teens.

My foundational belief is that every child, regardless of their challenges, has immense potential and deserves the best opportunities life can present.  My mission is to serve families and teenagers. 

I firmly believe every child is innocent, powerful, and worthy of the best life has to offer. I clearly see the opportunity for your family to enjoy a loving, and nurturing home environment even when you cannot.

My purpose extends beyond just being an educational consultant. I want to be a valued resource, offering troubled teens placement services, parenting strategies, and essential coaching to families. My principles are honesty, integrity, professional ethics, confidentiality, and thoroughness.

I am committed to helping you restore and maintain peace and balance in your family unit.

My guiding principles are honesty, integrity, adherence to professional ethics and standards, confidentiality, and follow-through.

Finding the Path Forward: Guidance for Families in Distress

If you read my story above and it felt familiar, I want you to know that there are no right or wrong answers, and there’s never judgment. For parents considering at-risk teen placement, I offer a complimentary consultation to discuss the right solution for your teenager. I help parents find placement in therapeutic boarding schools, teen wilderness programs, or residential treatment centers Every child is unique and needs a personalized program that will help them reclaim their future and help your family heal.

I also offer a discovery session for parents who are looking for better strategies to connect with their struggling teens. 

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