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Warning Signs of Teens in Crisis

Does your teen exhibit any of these warning signs?

What Challenges is Your Teen Facing Today?

Having a teen who is making poor choices often creates parents who feel overwhelmed, confused and fearful. Unless you or someone you know has been through something like this before, you have no way of knowing what to do next.

Teenagers in today’s world are presented with a variety of challenges we could not foresee. From dealing with the pressures of social media to navigating new technologies, games, virtual reality, Instagram, TikTok, online bullying, sexting, cyberstalkers, catfishing, and the ever-changing landscape of technology, it can be difficult for parents to keep up or recognize harmful situations. 

Many teens today find it difficult to tell their parents if they are being harassed, they are embarrassed and ashame or afraid of making the situation worse. 

Overuse of technology is also a reality for many teens. Adolescents struggling with these issues often suffer from self-esteem issues, isolation, anxiety, and depression.

Cyberstalking and technology overuse has become an unfortunate reality for many adolescents. It can cause deep psychological trauma, leaving victims feeling helpless, isolated, and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, various methods exist to treat this kind of trauma.  Wilderness therapy programs are often helpful and a way that teens can work to overcome the damaging effects of cyberstalking and technology overuse.

  • Teens with ADD/ADHD  benefit from therapeutic programs that provide a structured environment and teach kids how to manage their time and energy. Learn organizational skills and improve their focus.  There are specialty boarding schools for teens with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.
  • Learning Differences/Disabilities – therapeutic schools offer specialized instruction to help level the playing field and have smaller class sizes. 
  • Defiance and Entitlement – therapeutic programs like RTCs and TBS are effective in helping teens with a sense of entitlement and patterns of defiance.  Through various therapies, these adolescents learn to take responsibility for their behavior, develop empathy and respect others. They learn how to manage their emotions in a healthy way and build stronger parent-child relationships by learning conflict resolution skills. 
  • ASD or Asperger’s Syndrome – a boarding school that offers therapy programs for these teens help them develop communication and social skills.  These programs empower them to understand, manage, shape appropriate behavior,  and accept their condition provides a safe and nurturing environment where these kids can thrive. These schools will offer personalized care to fit the child’s individual needs. 
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Teens with OCD struggle to manage their symptoms daily.  Therapeutic programs often focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has been shown to be effective in reducing OCD symptoms; exposure and response prevention therapies, which are used to help gradually reduce obsessive thoughts or behaviors; and individual psychotherapy, to provide additional support as needed.

Are you overwhelmed trying to decide if a therapeutic program or teen residential treatment center might be the best option for your out-of-control teen?

I specialize in providing personalized advice and guidance through the process of enrolling in a residential treatment program. With in-depth knowledge of various programs, I’m here to answer any questions you may have about therapeutic boarding schools, such as:

• How does enrollment work?
• How do I get my teen to agree to go?
• Will my teen hate me?
• Is it too drastic?
• Do these programs really work?
• How will I pay for it?
• What if I don’t take action?

Let me be your objective advocate and help you find the right solution for your situation.

Mary Warren, Educational and Therapeutic Consultant for Struggling Teens

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