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Residential Therapeutic School Transformed Our Daughter’s Life

How Mary Warren at Empower My Teen Helped Our Family

Desperately seeking help, we came across Empower My Teen and met Mary Warren – two events that have changed our family forever. Mary listened to Haley’s story and then wholeheartedly threw her efforts into helping put our family back together.

She researched residential therapeutic treatment centers that would be a good fit for Haley and persevered even after three of them turned us down. Finally, Haley was enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.

Drastic Measures to Help Our Daughter

Dropping our daughter off and leaving her with strangers over a thousand miles away was the hardest thing we have ever done as parents. However, now we see that it was also the best decision we have ever made. 

Against all odds, Haley quickly made great strides towards improvement. Every visit, every report, and even physical signs showed huge growth in maturity, respect, kindness, self-worth, and joy.

If you’re not a parent that has seen your teenage child hit rock bottom. In that case, you can’t imagine the immense gladness that comes from watching her transform into the kind of person you always knew she could be.

The best decision we ever made for our teenage daughter!

Hailey Going to Therapeutic Boarding School

Our Daughter Changed for the Better

Needless to say, it was a long road. As remarkable as Haley’s improvement was, she needed a lot of time to fully “get it” and heal enough to be ready to come home. More time, in fact, than most other teens: it took her thirteen months to finish the therapeutic program instead of the usual ten.

Haley has done so well. She caught up on her academics, became active and lost weight. She started to have fun and her mindset and attitude changed.

During that time, she completed the 7th and 8th grades and lost 54 pounds simply by practicing healthy eating and exercise habits. And, of course, she underwent a complete transformation of attitude and mindset. 

My Daughter's Attitude and Mindset Changed

Thanks to Mary Warren and the Residential Therapeutic Center (RTC), we have our family back. We will always be thankful that we took that leap, reached out, and got help when it looked like our family was falling apart.

You can’t always do it on your own, and admitting that is the first step on a journey that you will not regret. 

Getting help from Empower My Teen was the best thing we could have done for our family. We are forever grateful for the part Mary played in healing our relationships and giving us hope.

Thank you.

Kevin and Brenda M.

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