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Is It Too Late For Therapeutic Boarding School

Is 17 Years Old Too Old For Therapeutic Boarding School?

This was a difficult case and we successfully found the right residential treatment center for a seventeen-year-old girl that was very close to her 18th birthday. When I first spoke to Mark and Mary, they explained their situation and their fear for their daughter was palpable.

Like most parents, I speak to they’d tried everything and were now desperate to find a program that would take their Kayla before she turned eighteen. They knew she needed a therapeutic boarding school but feared after her birthday she would just be able to walk away.  They were also being told by the boarding schools and therapeutic programs they contacted that it was too late.

Teen Therapeutic Programs Specialties and Rules

Many residential teen programs have age restrictions and specialties.  When they see a teenager has had multiple mental issues they get concerned.  The laws and regulations for therapeutic schools and programs are different in every state.  Hence, it is nearly impossible for a parent to learn and understand all of this from a simple Google Search.

I was glad that I could help them find what they were seeking to save their teenage daughter and help her get back on track before it was too late. I am so happy to have received this email from them right before I left on my campus tours, a few weeks ago.  Receiving emails like this one and hearing the success stories from these parents and teenagers whose lives are changed for the better are the reason why I do what I do. Here’s an excerpt from her email:

“Our 17-year old daughter had been through a 6-month whirlwind of psychiatrists, therapists, groups and mental health wards, and she had just hit a wall. We knew she needed a more immersive program, but when we started looking, most of the programs would not take her as she was too close to 18.

Then I was referred to Mary Warren, and she was able to find the perfect center, communicate on our behalf and facilitate placement in the ninth hour. All the while she was easily accessible by phone and always kept us in the loop. She also had real compassion for our situation, which helped tremendously. Our family is so grateful.”

Mark and Mary G.

Thank you Mark and Mary for trusting me and allowing me to support you during this difficult time.

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