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Our 16 Years Old Daughter Was A Troubled Teen

Saving Kailee From Drugs, Beligerance, Drinking and the Wrong Crowd

April 4, 2006 my beloved first born child Kailee turned 16 years old. What should have been a joyous occasion was another day of constant worry. My smart, beautiful, athletic child had become unruly, belligerent, drinking, doing drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd and heading in a direction that in my eyes, had a bad ending.

A friend of ours had just sent her son to an out of state boarding school for troubled teens. I called her, got the information and thankfully Mary Warren had guided her and her husband to this decision.


Researching and Finding a Therapeutic Boarding School for Our Daughter

support help, advice, guidance, assistance and getting help for my teenage daughter We needed advice, guidance and support. We knew our daughter needed help but we didn’t know how to choose what would be best for her.

As a parent of a troubled teen spirally downhill, I took her to counseling, doctors, etc to no avail. I did tons of research on the internet but there was so much information, so many places, schools, choices – it was overwhelming to say the least. I didn’t have the mental capacity to even choose which was the best place or thing to do, I just knew I needed help, guidance and a different direction for my teenaged daughter.

I called Mary Warren on the recommendation of my friend and I instantly “knew” she understood, guided me and counseled me. Most importantly she made me believe there was hope for my daughter and our family. Three days later, my daughter was placed in a school in a different state, not an easy choice to make as a parent, but quite frankly this decision saved her life, and Mary saved our lives and my marriage.

Our daughter spent one year at the school Mary recommended and came home her old self: clean with a great, loving attitude, her personality back but with new life skills and she soared from there.


Parent Coaching Helped Me Get Clarity

The entire year Mary continued to assist and counsel our family. Mary is a Godsend, a gift from God who helped my husband and I, go from no clarity or normalcy in our lives to giving us peace that we made the right decision.

January 2019 our oldest daughter is now 28, just completed her second degree and is now a Holistic Practitioner with a life long goal of helping people feel good about themselves, make healthy choices and live the best life they can. I should clarify people by saying she helps everyone, but her passion is young people like herself, whose shoes she walked in and understands.

helping hand: daughter was a troubled teen I wrote this as a parent to other parents, relatives, caregivers of a troubled teen to speak about my experience with Mary to give you some hope. Mary is also a parent who walked these shoes. She was incredibly supportive, trustworthy, like my own personal counselor, way better than any I had gone to already because she totally understood, empathized and assured us the entire time that we were making the right choices for our daughter and our family.





How We Saved Our Troubled Daughter

Mary literally saved our daughters life and Mary will always be in our lives and have a Special Place in my heart. Over the past 12 years I have directed so many people to Mary when they come to me in the same position I was years ago.

We are a success story thanks to Mary, her guidance and expertise and I will continue to assist parents and tell them about Mary and her compassion and understanding until the day I’m not on earth anymore.

There is hope, relief and help for your heart and her name is Mary Warren and Empower My Teen. God Bless you All, especially you, Mary.

Laurie, proud mother of Kailee

About Mary Warren

About Mary Warren

Mary Warren is a tenacious family advocate – an Independent Educational Consultant and Parenting Coach committed to creating peace, balance, healthy teen development and a loving home environment with each family she partner with.

Her first-hand experience in enrolling her own two teens to a therapeutic boarding school, and seeing their positive transformation, gave her fervent desire ever since to help other families with challenging and troubled teens get the help and support they desperately need.

She helps parents find placement in therapeutic boarding schools, teen wilderness programs, or residential treatment centers.

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