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Helping Families from the Bily Group

Mary Warren
Mary Warren

Independent Educational Consultant
and Parenting Coach

I would like to share the story of one family that I helped in 2018 from the BILY group:

This family, like many others, was struggling to make this life-altering decision with their 15-year-old daughter. She was failing in school, losing healthy friends, isolating from family, lying, and giving up on herself in general.

Everyone in their support system was telling them that they could handle her at home and it was “overkill” to send her away. They said it would make things worse for her. This included their pediatrician as well as close friends and family.

They knew in their hearts that they had done everything in their power to help her. They were attending the BILY group and had met other families that were faced with the same decision and had placed their child in a program with great success.

They called me and we worked through all of the questions, concerns and difficult feelings that go along with making this kind of decision.

We looked at four different programs and after three weeks of working together, chose a program and hired a transition team to get her into the program. Was it easy? HECK, NO! Has it been worth it? HECK, YEAH!

Their daughter, after a few weeks of being super mad and hateful, has now thanked them for being brave enough to not buy into her crap and send her to a place that understands her and can help her.

She will be returning home in just a few weeks to continue her education at a local junior college and she already has a job waiting for her. She is self-confident and motivated to do well in her own life. I am so proud of these parents and their daughter!

Business Update

I have expanded my parent coaching practice to help families that are struggling prior to and after placing their teen in a therapeutic program.

The emotional pain and feeling of failure that comes with this decision, both prior, during and after is overwhelming.

I help you gain clarity, strength, and peace as well as help you with awareness around communication; projecting your past onto your teen as well as helping you balance your own life and relationships.

Would you like to feel clearer and more confident about your parenting? Outside placement? Your relationships? Communication? Your own life?

Then coaching may be for you…

Bily Groups

In 2018, over 50 families trusted me to help them place their kids in programs across the US and Mexico. My heart is over flowing with love for these families that took the leap of faith to get the help they so desperately needed.

I am honored to have been a part of their journey. Thank you to all who trusted me with all the decisions…emotionally and financially. It is the hardest decision to make!

I attended many BILY (Because I Love You) parent support groups in the Southern California area. This is an amazing group of parents, family members, and caregivers that are struggling with teens and young adults who are making poor choices in their lives.

The group gives them clarity and support in dealing with issues associated with out-of-control teens. Thank you to all the BILY group volunteers that give your time helping other parents and families get through the tough times. You are so appreciated!

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