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Empowering Your Teen Through the Healing Power of Wilderness

A Unique Wilderness Therapy Experience for Emotional and Behavioral Growth

Welcome to Empower My Teen – Wilderness Therapy Placement, where we specialize in finding the right wilderness programs to help teenagers facing behavioral issues, mental health challenges, and academic struggles.

Discover the Healing Power of Wilderness Therapy for Teens

We Find Wilderness Therapeutic Programs for Teens with Emotional and Behavioral Growth and Family Healing

At Empower My Teen, our role is to connect you with premier wilderness therapy programs. By combining therapeutic intervention with the healing power of nature, we pave the way for emotional growth, family healing, and personal empowerment.

We assess your teen’s unique needs and history, then consult and advocate on your family’s behalf, ensuring a personalized placement that best supports their journey to recovery and growth.”

We Work with Top  Rated Wilderness Therapy  Programs!

  • We asses your teen and then find the right wilderness therapeutic program to help their unique situation.
  • We help parents through the enrollment and after, we are your advocates.
  • We support adolescents with  behavioral issues, mental health challenges, and academic struggles.

Unlock a Brighter Future for Your Teen

Emotional Growth

Discover the transformative power of nature in fostering self-awareness, resilience, and emotional regulation in teens.

Family Healing

Enhance family relationships through shared experiences, understanding, and communication, fostering a supportive home environment

Adventure & Learning

Embark on adventures that challenge and educate, building life skills, confidence, and a deep appreciation for the natural world

Wilderness Programs for Youths - A Proven Path to Wellness

Discover a compassionate approach to help your teen navigate the challenges of adolescence. With a surge in teenage depression and stress influenced by social media pressures, the wilderness programs for youth we work with, personalize the program according to your teen’s unique needs.

Our therapeutic consultant will guide you through the placement after taking the time to understand your child’s  behavior, mental health history to find the top rated therapeutic wilderness camp setting to allowing them time and space to heal,  and learn vital life skills for a brighter future.

Work with us, and you’ll get the help and clarity you need to make the best decision for your child. 

Mary Warren, Therapeutic Consultant, Parenting Coach, Founder of Empower My Teen
Mary Warren

About Me

I am Mary Warren, an Independent Educational Consultant, Therapeutic Consultant, Parenting Coach and the Founder of Empower My Teen. For over twenty years, I have guided many families through the complexities of finding the right therapeutic solutions for their teens.

My approach is deeply rooted in compassion, expertise, and a commitment to positive outcomes.

We specialize in identifying and placing teens in therapeutic programs, including wilderness therapy, tailored for those experiencing emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. My commitment is to empower families and teens with informed, supportive, and expert guidance on their journey toward healing and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Empower My Teen and Wilderness Therapy Placement

What is wilderness therapy program, and how does it help a struggling, or troubled teen?

Wilderness therapy combines outdoor activities with therapeutic intervention to address emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues, promoting personal growth and healing.

Wilderness therapy has been used successfully for several decades as a therapeutic approach for troubled teens. It emerged as a treatment modality in the 1970s. It gained recognition as an effective intervention for adolescents facing various emotional and behavioral challenges. Unlike boot camps, which focus on discipline and control, wilderness therapy programs emphasize personal growth, self-discovery, and therapeutic intervention in a natural, outdoor setting.

The most effective wilderness therapy programs incorporate evidence-based practices and adapt to the needs of each participant. The program’s success varies based on program design, daily practices, staff qualification, and the teen’s willingness to participate and engage in the therapeutic process.

Therefore, for their child to succeed, parents must thoroughly understand the program’s methodology and reputation.

What should I consider when choosing a therapeutic program for my teen?

Online, you’ll find a wealth of information, both helpful and misleading, concerning therapeutic programs like wilderness therapy and residential treatment for teenagers. This is precisely why it’s crucial to carefully assess various aspects of the program. Factors to consider include program accreditation, the qualifications of its staff, the staff-to-student ratio, and the program’s overarching philosophy and success record.

When you explore a wilderness program’s website, you’ll encounter a plethora of promotional content. This underscores the importance of collaborating with an industry expert who possesses in-depth knowledge of these programs and their inner workings. Going it alone is not advisable. To ensure your child’s safety and well-being, partnering with a seasoned consultant is the best course of action.

What are the signs that my teen might need a therapeutic intervention?
Warning signs include drastic changes in behavior, academic decline, withdrawal from family or friends, and signs of depression or anxiety, defiance, technology dependency: video games or social media.  Recent instances of bullying or being bullied.

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