Is Your Good Kid Spiraling Out of Control?

Get your good kid back!

Get help for your struggling at-risk teen.
Your child deserves a healthy, well-adjusted life and a bright future.

Hello, I’m Mary Warren

Independent Educational Consultant, Parenting Coach and Founder of Empower My Teen

Specializing in At-Risk Teen Placement and Parent Coaching for Parents of Struggling Teens

My mission is to assist you in empowering your teen to make better choices and grow into a happy and productive adult.

Over the last 20 years, I helped over 1000 families get their teenage son or daughter back.

I carefully and thoroughly work with you to discover which residential treatment program best suits your family’s individual needs and guide you through the placement process from beginning to end.

As a single mother of three children, my journey with teen challenges began over 20 years ago. I enrolled two of my teenagers in therapeutic boarding schools.

I have personally witnessed the positive transformation of my children.

I have had an earnest desire ever since to help other families with challenging, struggling, good kids who are now troubled teens get the help and support they desperately need.

My ability to hear what is not said, combined with my heartfelt desire and compassion, make me a powerful ally and partner for restoring peace and balance for your family.

don't play roulette with your troubled teen's life!

Professional Placement Assistance in Therapeutic Boarding School or Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

There are many teen therapeutic programs available for troubled teens, I specialize in placement services:

I Help Parents with Good Kids Making Poor Choices!

Is Your Teen's Behavior Causing a Family Crisis?

Having a teen who is making poor choices results in overwhelmed, confused, and fearful parents. Unless you or someone you know has been through something like this before, you have no way of knowing what to do next. Is your teenager exhibiting or struggling with any of these behaviors, emotional or mental health issues:

After Saving My Out of Control Teens,
I Devoted My Life to Help Families Like Yours Save Theirs.
Let's Work Together!

Read Parent Testimonials and Uplifting Success Stories

“ She is a great parent coach. She works tirelessly on our behalf"

We were overwhelmed with all the wonderful websites of all the long term RTC around the nation. We started looking for an EC. We interviewed 2 ECs before we came across Empower My Teen. Mary Warren doesn't only have experience and knowledge in this field, but also empathetic without judgement for what our family has been through.

“We came to realize it was worth losing our son for a year..."

We would take one step forward in helping our son and five steps back until we realized he needed help we could no longer offer him.With the help of BILY we found Mary Warren an Independent Educational Consultant who helped us find the right program for our son. He was failing his Freshman year and is now about to graduate high school a year and half early.

I knew we needed a drastic change to save her

I didn’t know what to do or who to trust. It was the toughest decision to make. I found Mary Warren. 9 months later I got my daughter back and all my prayers were answered. She has been the most loving girl ever since she came back home. She is full of life and the house is full of laughter when she is home. I will forever be grateful that I found Mary to guide me

Inspiring Parent Success Stories




I was interviewed by Dr. Reedy for the Evoke Therapy Programs Podcast. We discussed the challenges of moving from Wilderness Therapy to Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) or Therapeutic Boarding Schools.

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